Q. Is there a real treasure of money?
A. Yes, there is a real treasure of money.

Q. How will I know if someone beats me to the treasure?
A. When we find out the treasure is found we notify all participants by e-mail.

Q. How soon can I buy clues to the hunt?
A. Usually within 2-3 days after the hunt starts

Q. Do I have to pay for clues?
A. Yes, however always check the Web site for free clues. Remember when you do the clue may not be obvious.

Q. Does everyone who submits pictures of their hunt get free clue in the next hunt?
A. No, only the person who finds the treasure. However please share your experience with other treasure hunters using the Web site and other social media sites.

Q. How often are you going to have hunts?
A. It depends on how long it takes to find the previous treasure, but since we have hundreds of treasure leads all over the world it is possible we could have more than one hunt going on at a time in the future.

Q. Do I need special tools for the hunt?
A. In most cases no. Sometimes we will offer a great deal on an item we feel would be helpful for the hunt. So check the Get The Gear Page of the Web site. In addition there could be a clue on that page.


Treasure Hunt Updates


California gold coin treasure trove goes up for sale 06-Jun-2014

Friday, June 06, 2014

The California couple who found about 1400 gold coins have put them on the auction block via Amazon.com and Don Kagin's, the person handling the sale for the couple who found the coins, web site Kagins.com.  In the first few hours they had sales over 2 million dollars. It is estimated that when the smoke clears the anonymous couple who found the coins will reap over 10 million.  This just shows you treasure is still out there to be found.

New Treasure Hunt Web Site in Chicago 04-Jun-2014

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

John Jacobs has just announced the release of johnjacobstreasureadventure.com. A new interactive Web site set to launch in June. The site will challenge users to test their treasure hunting skills to find real treasure. The best part is that it is FREE.  Users can sign up for a treasure lead from the John Jacobs treasure hunting diary. The lead consist of a story that has enough information, for the savvy treasure hunter, to find a real treasure.  For those needing a little extra help, clues will be made available for purchase, at a nominal fee, a couple days after the release of the new lead.  In addition clues can appear anywhere on the web site at anytime.    John Jacobs will be releasing treasure leads worldwide.  The first few treasure leads will be within a short drive of the Chicago area.  What a great way to test your research skills and enjoy the outdoors and have the opportunity to make money, at no cost to the participants. 



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